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Alex Poole


On 15th April 2002, Alex went missing from a dive, and has been listed as missing presumed drowned off Belize, a search was mounted, but no trace has been found of him, The search was called off on 17th April.

I'm not going to put any more details other than that, out of respect to his family.

This page is a small tribute to Alex, as he worked very hard as an instructor to teach divers, and made a great contribution to this website in the section on Poolwork.

He was the founder of 'Unidive', a web based communications group similar to the Dive Instruct discussion group, which allows members of University diving clubs to easily contact each other.

Alex was also an integral part of the Wreck Respect team, set up to protect divers interests and help to protect wrecks.

Alex held an Advanced Instructor qualification with the BSAC, he also held certificates as an SDC Instructor, TDI Trimix Diver, Cavern Diver, Nitrox Gas Blender, and had logged over 700 dives. Alex was also a former Assistant Project Manager and Training Officer with Raleigh International in Belize, in 2001

My condolences go to his family and friends

Rest In Peace Alex.





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