Diving Abbreviations “B”

BA – Breathing Apparatus

BAR – Buoyancy Air Releases (BSAC)

BARF: Buoyancy, Air, Releases, Fins

BARZ – Buoyancy Air Releases ZIPS! (Drysuits)

BC – Buoyancy Control

BCD – Buoyancy Control Device

BDO Branch Diving Officer

BH – Boat Handling (BSAC)

BHA – British Hyperbaric Association

BMA – British Medical Association

BMJ – British Medical Journal

BP – Backplate, also Blood Pressure

BPM – Beats Per Minute (heart/pulse rate)

BW – Backplate and Wing

BRA – Buoyancy Releases Air

BS – British Standard

BSI British Standards Institute

BSAC – British Sub Aqua Club

BSOUP – British Society Of Underwater Photographers

BT – Bottom Time

BWRAF – Begin, With, Review And Friend. (PADI)

BWRAF – Buoyancy Weights Releases Air Final OK (PADI)

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