Diving Abbreviations “C”

CADC – Canadian Association of Diving Contractors

A condition characterized by bubble(s) of air from a ruptured lung segment under pressure; the bubbles enter the pulmonary circulation and travel to the arterial circulation, where they may cause a stroke. (AGE or CAGE). CAGE – Cerebral Arterial Gas Embolism

A means of lifting yourself, or another diver, to the surface under control, using a buoyancy control device to provide the lift. CBL – Controlled Buoyant Lift

CBPDS – Conf. Brasileanos de Pesca e Desportos Subaquaticos

CC – Cardiac Compressions

CCCM – Closed Chest Cardiac Massage…. superceded by ECM, and eventually CC

Closed Circuit Rebreather. An item of breathing apparatus that allows maximum efficiency of gas use by recirculating and purifying exhaled gas. CCR – Closed Circuit Rebreather

CD – Club Diver (BSAC)

CD – Course Director (PADI)

CDAA – Cave Divers Association of Australia

CDG-GB – Cave Diving Group of Great Britain

CEDIP – European Committee of Professional Diving Instructors

CEN – Comite Europenne de Normalization (The European Committee for Standardisation)

CESA – Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent

An Instructor who is considered to have a good knowledge of practical and theoretical teaching methods. CI – Club Instructor (BSAC)

CIE – Club Instructor Exam (BSAC)

CIPP – Compagnie des Instructeurs Professionnels de Plongee

CMAS – Confederation Mondiale des Activities Subaquatiques (World Underwater Federation)

CNS – Central Nervous System

An odourless, tasteless, highly poisonous gas given off by incomplete combustion of hydrocarbon fuels.   CO – Carbon Monoxide,

CO – Cardiac Output

An odorless, tasteless gas that is a byproduct of metabolism; is excreted by the lungs in exhaled air. Important in the control of respiration.   CO2 – Carbon Dioxide

CPF – Chartwork & Position Fixing

CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

Meaning ‘Secure’, onomatopoeic in origin from the word ‘secure’, ie: CQR – See-Cu-R – (sounds like secure). CQR – Security Patent Anchor

CTC – Current Tissue Code

CTC – Canadian Transportation Commission

CWDI – Canadian Working Divers Institute

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