Diving Abbreviations “D”

DAN – Diver’s Alert Network

DCI – Decompression Illness

DCIEM – Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine(Canadian tables)

DC or DCC – Decompression Computer

DCS – Decompression Sickness

DCS – Dive Control Specialist (SSI)

This qualification can be accepted as fully covering the BSAC Rescue First Aid qualification. As such any MOD personnel who has a DDEMS qualifications can apply to HQ for an alternative sticker in the normal fashion, by enclosing a photocopy of their DDEMS certificate and 3 for administration.

DDEMS – Defence Diver Extended Medical Skills (British Forces Qualification)

DDRC – Diving Diseases Research Centre

DEMA – Diving Equipment and Marketing Association

DER – Depth Experience Record

DIN – Deutsches Institut fur Normung e.V. (German Institute for Standardization)

DIR – Do(ing) It Right

DIW – Doing It Wrong

DL – Dive Leader (BSAC)

DM – Divemaster (PADI)

DM – Dive Marshal

DO – Diving Officer

DOD – Department of Defense (US)

DOT – Department of Transportation

DOWR81 – Diving Operations at Work Regulations 1981 (superceded by DWR97)

DPM – Dive Planning & Marshalling

DPV – Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Danger (Assess that it is not dangerous to approach caualty) Response, (Any response from possible casualty, and if so, what), Airway, Breathing, Circulation. DRABC – Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation (casualty assessment)

DRI – Dive Rescue International

DS – Decompression Sickness

DSAT – Diving Science and Technology(PADI)

DSC – Digital Selective Calling

DSF – Dansk Sportsdykker Forbund (Danish Sport Diving Federation)

DSMB – Delayed Surface Marker Buoy

DT – Dive Time

DTR – Digital Time Recorder

DUI – Divers Unlimited International

DV – Demand Valve

DWR97 – Diving at Work Regulations 1997 (UK legislation)

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