Diving Abbreviations “E – F – G”

EAD – Equivalent Air Depth, or Effective Air Depth

EAR – Expired Air Resuscitation…. superceded by AV

EANX – Enriched Air Nitrox

ECM – External Cardiac Massage (term superceded by CC)

Equivalent Narcotic Depth. A measure of the narcosis expected by a Trimix diver – the dive “feels” like an air dive to that depth. END Equivalent Narcotic Depth

EO – Equipment Officer

EPIRB – Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

ERC – European Resuscitation Council

ERD – Extended Range Diver (BSAC)

ESDA – Emergency Services Diving Association


FAD – First Aid for Divers

FCD – First Class Diver (BSAC)

FCD – Freeflow Control Device

FEDAS – Federacion Espanola De Actividades Subacuaticas

FEV(1) – Forced Expiratory Volume (in one second)

FFESSM – Federation Franchise d’Etudes et de Sports Sous Marins

FSSS – Federation Suisse de Sports Subaquatiques

FQAS – Federation Qubecoise des Activites Subaquatiques


GMDSS – Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

GPS – Global Positioning System

GUE – Global Underwater Explorers

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