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This page is for news items concerning diving instructors.

 And by that we mean from any diving organisation, people do cross over between agencies, and understanding the way another training system works is important. 

We'll happily either link to the item, or publish it here in full for information. If you find out a bit of news, regarding a training change or anything of interest, let us know by going here Thanks in advance.

If we don't get any news from people, we can't put it up!

So please let me know about it.

Organisation Information Date added
BSAC Club/Ocean Diver training changes 18/5/2001
Click here for a copy in a text file for download (4.2Kb)
BSAC Changes to Instructor grades 26/5/2001
BSAC New medical self certification system in place 18/6/2001
BSAC Middle East Diving Conference report 18/8/2001
BSAC BSAC Open Water Instructor transfers 8/9/2001


BSAC Instructor registration Contact
You can register with BSAC as an instructor to be kept up with new changes by E-mailing Chris Horan at HQ with your Membership and Instructor numbers
If any other training agencies run a similar system, please send me by going here, and I'll post them on this page for you.

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