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For pool work techniques and teaching methods.

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Author: Alex Poole

(These pages were originally linked to Alex Poole's web pages, but after he died I moved them to this website, partly because they are very useful, and partly as a tribute to Alex)

Problem solving
(underwater rolls, and buoyancy control exercises)

Confidence building exercises

(for use after training has completed)

Heavy Breathing
(exercises and ideas for improving your gas consumption)

Disabled divers

(Links to UKDDG group website)


I'd like to split this page into several sections, basic techniques for teaching all the skills for diving, with all the various methods, and a section on overcoming problems with students who have difficulty with certain skills, and a section on diving with disabilities, and how to best implement techniques for disabled divers.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted for the site, all authors will be credited with information supplied.



10th March 2001